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Maison COLLERY is an independent wine importer, wholesaler and distributor based in Singapore. We source and curate the finest of wines from the various regions in France and overseas.


The first finest product we are offering is the Champagne COLLERY, established in 1893, an award-winning Grand Cru from Aÿ, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Grand Cru Champagnes are produced from high quality grapes carefully harvested manually and exclusively grown from the best 17 villages in the Champagne region (out of 341 villages), making it one of the finest champagne.


Maison COLLERY in Singapore operates independently of Champagne COLLERY and with permission from the owners of the champagne house, we are the exclusive importer/distributor for Singapore region. 


Our selection will extends beyond champagne to include wines produced in small-batch wineries with attention to details and concerned about producing very high quality wines.


Our wines are handled by trusted logistics partners, in refrigerated containers. Upon arrival in Singapore they are stored in a specialised wine storage facility. This is to ensure the quality of the Grand Cru is not compromised.

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