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Champagne COLLERY Empyreumactic Vintage 2014 Grand Cru

Type: Brut, 2014 Vintage from Grand Cru vineyards

Grape Varieties: 90% Pinot Noir  10% Chardonnay 

Winemaking: Alcohol and malolactic fermentations (completed) in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats.

Maturation: 50% of the clear wines are aged in a 10hl cask, 50% of the clear wines are matured in Burgundy barrels (aged “2 or 3 wines”), as well as Base of Pinot Noir matured in barrels (228L) of new American oak. 

Ageing on lees: 6 years

Dosage: 9g/L

Champagne COLLERY Grand Cru Vintage 2014 Empyreumatic

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