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Ratafia Chardonnay is a unique and sophisticated fortified wine that perfectly captures the essence of the Champagne region. Made using the crisp, refreshing flavors of Chardonnay grapes and the richness of Fine de Champagne brandy, this exquisite beverage is perfect for enjoying with light, fresh dishes or on its own. With its delicate aroma and bright acidity, Ratafia de Chardonnay is a wine that is sure to impress.



Ratafia (17 % Alcohol content) , Non Vintage 


Grape Varieties: 

100% Chardonnay 

Our Fine de Champagne is aged in barrels of Sauternes Grand Cru.

Aged in barrels of Sauternes Grand Cru for a minimum of 11 months using the Solera method.

Ratafia Collery Chardonnay

SKU: 007
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