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Ratafia is a unique and vibrant fortified wine that showcases the best of what the Champagne region has to offer.
Made using the saignée method and a blend of grape must and Fine de Champagne brandy, this wine features a bold, fruity flavour profile and a deep ruby colour that is sure to impress. With its refreshing acidity and juicy flavor, Ratafia Rosé de Saigné is perfect for pairing with spicy or bold dishes or for sipping on its own as a refreshing aperitif.




Ratafia (17 % Alcohol content) , Non Vintage 


Grape Varieties: 

100% Pinot Noir


Our Fine de Champagne is aged in barrels of Sauternes Grand Cru.

The Pinot Noir juice used is extracted by the process known as "saignée". The grapes are destemmed, and the berries are left in maceration in a vat so that the skins bring their tannins and flavours to the juice. When the juice reaches the required qualities and color, it is racked, presenting a deep pink color and pronounced aromas of red fruits. It is then aged in barrels of Sauternes Grand Cru for a minimum of 11 months using the Solera method.

Ratafia COLLERY Rosé de Saignée

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