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Our mission is to give you satisfaction when tasting the finest wines we bring you. We only source the best wines and we work with the producers we know personally. Those producers take pride in the elaboration of their wine in every steps they take. Each tasting should become an extraordinary lasting experience and we hope you would enjoy it as much as we do. 

Maison Collery in Singapore brings you the finest!


Enjoy! Celebrate! 

Champagne Collery from Maison Collery Singapore

Champagne COLLERY -  Aÿ - Champagne

The first finest product we are offering is the Champagne COLLERY, established in 1893, an award-winning Grand Cru from Aÿ, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Grand Cru Champagnes are produced from high quality grapes carefully harvested manually and exclusively grown from the best 17 villages in the Champagne region (out of 341 villages), making it one of the finest champagne.

"Champagnes only comes from Champagne, France"


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