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Collery Ratafia Pinot Nior
Collery Ratafia pinot noir

Ratafia Pinot Noir
SGD 139
Size: 500ml

Ratafia de Pinot Noir is a rich and complex fortified wine that embodies the very essence of the Champagne region. With its deep, fruity flavors and complex aroma, Ratafia de Pinot Noir is perfect for pairing with rich, savory dishes or indulging in on its own. Made using high-quality Pinot Noir grapes and Fine de Champagne brandy, this wine is a true celebration of the art of winemaking.


Ratafia (17 % Alcohol content) , Non Vintage 
Grape Varieties: 
100% Pinot Noir
Our Fine de Champagne is aged in barrels of Sauternes Grand Cru.

Aged in barrels of Sauternes Grand Cru for a minimum of 11 months using the Solera method.


Tasting Note

Eye:  Bright, intense pink color with copper and orange reflections.

Nose: Powerful aroma with notes of black cherries, slightly peppery, also accompanied by notes of tarragon and anise.

Palate: Smooth and round attack, it reveals a beautiful basket of stewed pears and apples. A beautiful harmonious finish with spicy notes and licorice stick characterizes this ratafia.

Storage: Due to the absence of fermentation, Ratafia can be perfectly stored over time, protected from light. It is best served chilled and we recommend storing it in the fridge after opening.


Important Note: Our unfiltered Ratafia may have a slight deposit that does not affect the quality of the product.

Recommended For Pairing /Serving:
Best served in Chilled





Foie Gras


Chocolate Desserts

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